How to Get a Copy of an Operating Agreement

If you`re a business owner, then an operating agreement is a crucial document that outlines the rules and regulations that govern how your company operates. It covers everything from the division of profits to the decision-making process. Therefore, having a copy of your operating agreement is essential. Here are a few ways to obtain a copy.

1. Check Your Records

The first and most obvious place to begin is to check the records of your company. If you`re the owner or a member, you should have a copy of the operating agreement when the company was formed. Most likely, it will be in a folder or file cabinet with your other business records.

2. Contact the Secretary of State

In some states, you`re required to file your operating agreement with the Secretary of State. If your state is one of them, then you can contact them to obtain a copy of your operating agreement. However, keep in mind that some states charge a fee for this service.

3. Contact Your Attorney

If you have an attorney who helped you form your company, then they should have a copy of your operating agreement. You can contact them and request a copy. However, if you don`t have an attorney or your attorney doesn`t have a copy, then you may need to search for an alternative.

4. Reach Out to Your Business Partners

If you`re not the only owner of your company, then your business partners should also have a copy of the operating agreement. Contact them and ask for a copy. If they don`t have one, then you can collaborate to obtain a copy from another source.

5. Use Online Resources

In some cases, you may be able to find a copy of your operating agreement online. Search for your company`s name and the words “operating agreement” in Google, and you may come across a copy of the agreement. However, be cautious as the information and accuracy of these online copies may not be reliable.

In conclusion, obtaining a copy of your operating agreement is essential. Knowing where to find it will make the process easier. If you have any difficulties, don`t hesitate to consult a legal professional who can guide you on how to obtain a copy.