Email Legal Agreement

Email is a highly convenient and widely used means of communication in the modern business world. However, it`s often overlooked that emails can legally bind individuals and businesses. In fact, an email can serve as a legal agreement as long as the conditions are met.

To ensure that your email legal agreement is enforceable, you need to meet some critical elements. Here are some points to consider.

Intention to Create Legal Relations

To form a legally binding agreement, you must ensure that both parties intended to be bound by the agreement. In the case of emails, you can ensure this by including language that makes the intention clear. You can include language such as “I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this email” or “By responding to this email, you agree to the terms outlined in this message.”

Offer and Acceptance

The offer is the proposal or promise made by one party to another, and the acceptance is when the other party accepts the offer. To make the offer and acceptance clear, you should state the specific offer and require an explicit acceptance by the other party.

Terms and Conditions

It`s essential to include clear and detailed terms and conditions in your email legal agreement. The terms should cover all significant aspects of the agreement and include any limitations, obligations, and restrictions. Be sure to include any definitions or explanations that may be necessary to make the terms clear and understandable.

Signature and Date

To ensure that the agreement is legally binding, the email must be signed and dated by both parties. Electronic signatures, such as typing in the sender`s name, can be used to meet this requirement.

Compliance with Applicable Laws

Ensure that your email legal agreement complies with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes laws that relate to the specific subject matter of the agreement, as well as laws governing electronic contracts.


In conclusion, email legal agreements are a convenient and efficient way to create legally binding contracts. By meeting the critical elements, you can ensure that your email agreement is enforceable. However, it`s always recommended to consult with a legal professional before entering into any contract to ensure that all legal requirements are met.